Serving Others

Storytelling and connecting: our jam. We're honored by these kudos from clients and press with whom we've worked.

“Best in the business.”

Pietro Busalacchi
Owner, Trattoria Don Pietro

“Aside from providing me with engaging, well-written feature articles, Brook always presents thoughtful story pitches and ideas that work well for our readership. She has a firm command of food culture, on both an international and local level. Since she is so well-connected here in San Diego, she always has the latest scoop on what is happening within our burgeoning culinary scene. What I like best about working with Brook is her high level of integrity — she is genuinely passionate about, and cares for, her clients and their mission — and this is evident throughout her work.”

Marie Tutko
Formere food editor, San Diego Magazine ‌

“You’re better than a boyfriend! So available. You miss nothing, ever. How do you do that?”

Keli Dailey
Former lead restaurant and bar reporter, Union-Tribune

“You rock.”

Troy Johnson
Dining critic and owner, San Diego Magazine, The Food Network, The Travel Channel

“You are a total pro.”

The late Larry Himmel
Veteran reporter, CBS 8 San Diego‌

“We were a growing start-up, just at the stage where we realized that a good p.r. plan was becoming a need-to-have. For reasons unknown this is a black hole at times for young companies. And that was certainly the case for us. We weren't sure who to turn to and what exactly the strategy was. Brook and the Plain Clarity team were critical in helping us both establish and execute our first p.r. playbook. The big, obvious goal was brand awareness, and they were successful in getting the Branded name out there pretty quickly. ”

Matt Gaffney
CEO, Branded Research, Inc.

“What I appreciate most about your work is the knowledge you bring to projects and the straightforward way you deal with issues. Because baloney gets slung so regularly in the PR business in San Diego, it’s refreshing to work with someone who responds directly and authentically – and does so while remaining an advocate for their client.”

Steve Silverman
Former food critic and food writer, San Diego Home & Garden Lifestyles and Performances Magazine

“PlainClarity is personable and very effective in getting the job done. The team has a knack for knowing exactly what it takes to make what we call "TV magic.” They've been true gems to work with during the early morning show hours and have never failed at delivering whatever is asked and requested.”

Heather Lake
Reporter, Fox 5

“The team at PlainClarity are true professionals. They're creative, know the market well, and are willing to go the extra mile to make sure their segments are both visually interesting and informative. Pleasure to work with too.”

Megan Tevrizian
Reporter, NBC San Diego

“I expected highly professional results from Brook simply because others I trusted recommended her with great enthusiasm. What I didn't expect was that she would exceed already high expectations — and easily, charmingly. I really can't say enough good things about her complete grasp of all the issues and angles involved in my project (a complicated television production), nor enough good things about her quick responsiveness, and her ability to think creatively. Even after Brook's been dead ten years, she'll STILL be better than a lot of other people you might hire. But get her now, while she still smells good.”

Paul Crehan
Writer and producer, The Travel Channel, A&E, The History Channel ‌

“PlainClarity is my PR company of preference.”

Dwane Brown
Newscast anchor/storyteller, NPR, All Things Considered

“You always go the extra mile.”

Alison Miller
Modern Luxury magazine

“Just wanted to let you know that...your level of professionalism and experience is much appreciated. I rarely come across a publicist who can suggest a good angle and knows how to aid a reporter in illustrating a story for the Best Bets column. It’s great working with you.”

Marcia Manna
Freelance arts writer, UT San Diego

“As a food writer, I'm always delighted to work with PlainClarity. The team knows the local food scene inside and out — and helps writers, not just with the usual press releases, but with interesting events, angles, and opportunities to learn from chefs. Plus, they're just cool people I enjoy dealing with.”

Caron Golden
Food writer, Saveur, Sunset, San Diego Magazine, Edible San Diego, San Diego Foodstuff

“The team at PlainClarity consistently goes the extra mile for their clients, working tirelessly to develop new and interesting ways for them to best display what makes them special. Their imagination is one of their key assets and one I've certainly come to enjoy.”

Brandon Hernandez
Food and beer writer, San Diego Reader, Pacific San Diego Magazine, Ranch & Coast, West Coaster

“The PlainClarity team is a joy to work with. They're amazing at follow through, extremely responsible, and highly creative. They're valuable assets to have and I’d work with them again and again in a heartbeat!”

Renee Kohn
Former Meteorologist and host, San Diego 6 News

"Smart, funny and know the needs of their clients and of journalists.”

David Moye
Writer, Huffington Post, Modern Luxury, San Diego Magazine

“If you’re looking for someone to bring a fresh perspective to your brand/company, someone who completely understands “good food angles” and how to pitch them, someone who always “thinks outside of the box”, then look no farther than Brook Larios of PlainClarity Communications. She is so thoroughly educated and immersed in the food/ dining/hospitality scene, she knows everyone in the media and we all know her and love her. I wish everyone placed such a big emphasis on creativity and good writing. She is definitely a breath of fresh air in comparison to some of the PR/communications firms here locally – her perspective is fresh, her attitude is always super pleasant. She is a continual resource for me on industry matters and never ever gets annoyed with “too many questions” – she is more than an asset – she is necessary!”

Jada Thomas Price
Past editor, MarketInk & Hospitality beat, San Diego Daily Transcript

“During our time of working together on several stories (including TV), Brook has maintained a professional attitude on every level. Her professionalism is top notch with wonderful connections in and around the city of San Diego, and places outside of that. She has worked with CATALINA OFFSHORE PRODUCTS, a major seafood house here in San Diego, along with many local chefs. I recommend her and PlainClarity for all your marketing needs.”

Tommy Gomes
Catalina Offshore Products

“If you can manage to schedule the NCT right after the UT, that would be GREAT! By the way, did I mention that you’re amazing?”

Greg Evans
Creator of the Luann comic strip

“PlainClarity is the real deal! They are reliable, knowledgeable, creative, supportive, and trustworthy which in my line of work is priceless! I highly recommend them and will continue to work with them.”

Steve Weinberger
Author, No Air Guitar Allowed

“When Brook came to her first meeting with our team, she rolled up her sleeves and became part of what we were trying to accomplish. She listened to our needs and met them.”

Al Kern
Director, Professional Science Masters program at CSU San Marcos. Formerly, Associate Dean of Extended Learning

“Brook Larios and PlainClarity were both instrumental in the growth and success of not only my personal brand, but all parties I have been involved with since working with them.”

Chad White
Celebrity chef

“I love your website and I salute you for all you do in our community!! PlainClarity ROCKS!”

Maria Montana
Book author and food writer, San Diego Food Finds, Edible San Diego, UT San Diego, FINE Magazine

“I’ve owned businesses and been in marketing for many years and I’ve never seen PR done like this my whole time in business.”

Nick Salem
Owner, Big Ben Specialty Market

“My husband is now a believer.” ‌

Trish Watlington
Former owner, The Red Door Restaurant & Wine Bar and Bar By Red Door ‌

“You're one of my most honest publicists I work with.”

Shamroc Peterson

“I hold you and your team in the highest regard. You guys did a phenomenal job for us. I attribute the success we’ve had to all your team and the work you’ve done and your expertise. You led us down the right path and made great decisions for us.”

Matt DelVecchio, co-owner, Duck Foot Brewing Company