June 24, 2014

"The Dating Game": intern style

"The Dating Game": intern style

Starting an internship is like going on a first date: nerves, expectations, getting to know one another. Phew! Our two new interns, Sarah Durrand of University of California, Davis and Caroline Whittington Roessler of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, who’ve known each other for a total of six hours, make their best guesses about each other.

What does she sing when nobody’s watching?

Sarah: "Barbie Girl" because she is an absolute doll! But a very classy version. I sing anything I can jam along with on the ukulele!

Caroline: She def jams to Madonna... and Disney soundtracks (don't worry, me too, just not in private). I like Salt-n-Pepa. Didn't see that one comin,' did ya!? SHOOP shoop ba-doop.

What’s her favorite color?

Sarah: Something bright, like the pinkish-orange of an Arizona sunset! For me, pink! I'm secretly extremely girly. Or, maybe not-so-secretly.

Caroline: I'm thinkin' a deep blue. Mine is sunflower yellow!

Who is her celebrity crush?

Sarah: Mine is “Captain America”. Caroline’s is Chris Hemsworth, maybe? Someone hunky and sweet.

Caroline: Maybe Edward Cullen? (But, I'm praying she has better taste). Mine is Mr. Big, forever and always. Honorable mention goes to Bradley Cooper.

Morning person or night owl?

Sarah: Night owl! Her preferred hours are noon to 3 a.m. I'm an all-day, all-night person! I'm good to go whenever.

Caroline: BOTH!!! Lucky bitch. I’m a post-noon person, hands down. At 10:30 p.m, I peak.

What’s her favorite thing to do at the end of a long, exhausting day?

Sarah: Cuddle with her dog and eat something yummy. Who wouldn't like that? I like to read, pet my cats and sleep.

Caroline: Hike and read compelling literature atop a mountain. My go-to routine is have a cosmo, a laugh and, shortly after, a nap.

What’s her go-to movie?

Sarah: I'll put Chris Hemsworth back into this and say "The Avengers". It's kick-butt and full of good-looking people like her! Mine is "What About Bob?" I love Bill Murray more than a 19-year-old girl should.

Caroline: "Perks of Being a Wallflower" and/or "Finding Nemo" for her. “Breakfast at Tiffany's” is absolutely timeless. (Note: The words "What About Bob?" ignite a volcanic exuberence in Caroline, who admits it's one of the most underrated movies in existence.)

Does she fold or crumple her toilet paper? Or is it a combo?

Sarah: Crumple. She's neat, but she's an active girl with places to go! For me, crumple (but a neat crumple). I think I'm blushing while writing this...

Caroline: Hmmm. She paper mâchés before use. If I’m in a good mood: fold meticulously while humming Beyoncé. Bad mood: scrunch violently.

What food does she despise?

Sarah: Any meat besides fish; she's a pescatarian! I despise cookies, only because they're my weakness.

Caroline: McDonalds' chicken(?) nuggets. I despise KALE. Sorry, sustainable green world. I've tried to like it, I really have. But carpet tastes better.

The magical travel troll shows up and says she can travel anywhere tomorrow with only one bag. Where does she go?

Sarah: She would go to Italy for a super romantic getaway with her boyfriend. And, I would go to Italy, for a super romantic getaway with my boyfriend! It could be a double-date.

Caroline: Madrid is calling her name. Fiji it is, for me! (One way ticket, pretty please?)*

*What Sarah said = what I meant. Sorry, boyfriend.

She suddenly becomes dictator of her own country. What is the first thing she does?

Sarah: She would demand that everyone take it easy for the day before getting down to work and creating a land of sunshine, cute dresses and nice people. Then, she would take a vacation to somewhere else, because she is restless (her own words)! I would turn my country into a hippie happyland: good vibes, fresh food, color, peace and lots of love. Oh, and that '60s rock 'n' roll.

Caroline: Sarah would make "Game of Thrones" mandatory and/or enforce letter writing as a replacement for texting (ALL HAIL QUEEN DURRAND). I would outlaw pleated pants, J-Biebs and drivers over 60-years-of-age.

So, there you have it. Big personalities from our new interns. Pretty sure we're all going to get along just fine. To learn more about these zany, wonderful women, follow them on Twitter: @CarolineRoes @SarahDurrand.

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