June 14, 2014

See you later: a lovesick goodbye from the summer interns

See you later: a lovesick goodbye from the summer interns

On June 23, 2014, a historic blind date began. Two new summer interns arrived at the KUSI station, as clueless and disoriented as a hippopotamus in Times Square. Each one took a deep, well-here-goes-nothing breath and waltzed through the gate. Who they expected to meet? The quintessential boss — snarky, frowning and barking at interns to make a cup of coffee. The adult version of the monster-under-the-bed, but worse: the angry-fat-man-behind-a-desk. Who they met? A poised, confident and warm mama bird with wings spread wide, ready to welcome her younglings to the PR family. Literally, she hugged her new interns, and the interns hugged back: relieved, excited, feeling less like a misplaced hippo and more like baby birds ready to fly.

Seven weeks later, these two birds don’t want to leave the nest. Brook, you are intelligent and insightful: a mover and shaker who is marvelous and sharp. With Ghandi-like patience, overflowing zeal and endless knowledge to share, you honed and inspired us rookies every moment of every day, and did so with equal parts acumen, grace and humor. When it comes to being both a PR powerhouse and a heck of an incredible person, nobody compares to you, Brook.

We learned so much from this journey, and had an unreasonable amount of fun along the way. We formatted press releases and improvised songs about interns on the ukulele. We pitched the press and ran around like excited meerkats on the set of San Diego 6. We loved researching for our clients, and discussed everything from Channing Tatum to capybaras. For seven enchanting weeks, 7445 Girard Avenue has been an oasis of ideas, a place of #FEMpowerment, a sanctuary of succulents, Sia, and sisterhood - honestly, it’s been home.

Brook, you helped these two baby birds learn to fly, and the word “boss” is so inadequate to describe you. You are a bAWWSs$$ss — and one of the most amazing people we have ever learned from. We love you and can’t wait to see you and Joe again.

Signing off, with all our love,

Sarah Durrand and Caroline Roessler

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