October 27, 2011

David Bacco Chocolatier featured on The Feast

David Bacco, our newest client, is a heckuva artisan. He's a San Diego-based chocolatier who uses a rigorous approach to making some of the best chocolate we've ever eaten. As the holidays approach, it's tempting to wow food-loving family and friends with imported Belgian truffles and the like, but we're fortunate to have a top-notch chocolatier nearby. No need for hassling with -- or paying for --overseas shipping. Visit David Bacco Chocolatier's website for details about ordering.

Earlier today, David was interviewed by veteran food writer Frank Sabatini, Jr., who manages the San Diego outlet of NBC's The Feast. Frank queried the San Diego newcomer about his favorite places to grab lunch, sit down for a fancy schmancy meal and delight in a warm piece of chocolate cake, among other things. it was David's first interview since joining the PlainClarity family -- and he was great. Read about his top picks on The Feast.

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Brook Larios

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