February 14, 2012

Welcoming our newest client, Evolve

You heard it here tenth: our food fervor is mildly distracting. Summon us with a delicious bowl of ramen a la Momofuku or a warm Ultimate Supreme with Chicken from Mama's Bakery in North Park and we're liable to melt -- at least for the handful of minutes we sacrifice to the food powers that be. Knowing this about us, it should make sense that we get amped when we bring on new food clients. We've represented Terra American Bistro, one of the most consistantly great restaurants in San Diego, for nearly five years, beginning when it was Terra. We've grown to become friends with the wonderful Rossman family, who are about to open their next eatery, Bunz, a burger and breakfast joint featuring responsibly sourced ingredients -- local, when possible. Last year, Sea Rocket Bistro joined the merry PlainClarity family, teaching us that there's a vast difference between fresh seafood and what most of us are eating. We'll never go back to the latter. (Thanks, too, Catalina Offshore Products.) Joining the PlainClarity family late last year was David Bacco Chocolatier, voted Best Artisan Chocolatier in the region. He enjoyed four TV segments over the last six days, while we enjoyed his delicious confections. We're now finding it difficult to eat store bought chocolate. We think the world of each of these chefs and artisans.

Now, we're pleased to introduce the newest member of our family: Evolve, a culinary partnership between noted chefs Flor Franco and Daniel Barron, whose cooking MOs are vastly different, yet surprisingly complementary. Franco is noted for her beautiful, upscale events, with fresh, mouthwatering organic food as the centerpiece. Her warm, yet fierce personality (she reminds us of Sophia Vergara) is striking. She believes in honoring the Earth and the body. Barron is a kitchen wizard, We like to describe his food as a sort of biomimicry; it's modernist cuisine at its finest. Imagine being served an ecoplasm green jelly ball in a shot glass, ejecting it into your mouth, but instead of tasting the hospital-esque jello you expected, you get a savory blend of duck confit and leeks. In the tastiest of nutshells, Evolve is the culinary intersection of modernist cuisine and fresh, organic fare -- science and nature -- specializing in pop-up experiences, intimate events and evolutionary ways of dining. All this leading up to a new restaurant within a year. We're excited to help them get there.

To those interested in learning more about the concept or in booking a private event, please contact us.

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Brook Larios

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