June 17, 2019

THE INTERN GAME: Meet Amy, McKenna and Grayson

THE INTERN GAME: Meet Amy, McKenna and Grayson

Meet our three newest interns! Amy: a Disney-lover from Chapman University, Grayson: a San Diego native from the University of Colorado and McKenna: an animal lover and line dancing pro from Biola University! After being a part of the internship program at PlainClarity for two weeks, we sat them down, asked them a series of questions and invited them to guess what one another's answers would be. Read below to find out what each intern thinks about the other!

What’s her favorite color?

McKenna: Olive green

Guesses: Blue

Amy: Dark red

Guesses: Blue, black

Grayson: Yellow

Guesses: Yellow, pink

Who is her celebrity crush?

McKenna: Macklemore

Guesses: Zac Efron, Channing Tatum

Amy: Chris Pratt

Guesses: Harry Styles, Jonas Brothers

Grayson: A Hemsworth brother

Guesses: Leonardo DiCaprio, Ed Sheeran

Morning person or night owl?

McKenna: Morning

Guesses: Morning

Amy: Night

Guesses: Night

Grayson: Night

Guesses: Night

What’s her favorite thing to do at the end of a long, exhausting day?

Grayson: Yoga + Netflix

Guesses: Cuzzi, face masks

Amy: Netflix + cuzzi

Guesses: Cuddle, Netflix

McKenna: Roller blade

Guesses: Drink kombucha, ride horses

What’s her go-to movie?

McKenna: Nacho libre or Forrest Gump

Guesses: Breakfast at Tiffanys, The Wizard of Oz

Grayson: Good Will-Hunting

Guesses: Breakfast at Tiffanys, Hundred Foot Journey

Amy: Forrest Gump (side note: her favorite Disney movie is Big Hero Six)

Guesses: The Little Mermaid or anything Disney

Does she fold or crumple her toilet paper? Or is it a combo?

Amy: Fold

Guesses: Combo, crumple

McKenna: Combo

Guesses: Fold

Grayson: Crumple

Guesses: Crumple / fold

What food does she despise?

Amy: Grapes, tomatoes

Guesses: Sushi, veggies

McKenna: Ginger

Guesses: Mcdonald’s

Grace: Olives

Guesses: Black licorice, something spicy

The magical travel troll shows up and says she can travel anywhere with only one bag tomorrow. Where does she go?

McKenna: Spain

Guesses: New Zealand, Bali

Amy: Tokyo (Disney area of Tokyo) + Europe

Guesses: Somewhere in Europe, Disneyworld

Grace: Bali

Guesses: Italy, Europe

She suddenly becomes a dictator of her own country? What’s the first thing she does?

Amy: Ban slower rude drivers and fine people for stopping fast in a car!

Guesses: Give everyone free passes to Disney or make everyone learn to drive properly

McKenna: Boycott cash

Guesses: Change the environment, less horse cruelty and ban horse racing

Grace: Free education and free pizza!!

Guesses: Have people buy from her skincare or chocolate business or force everyone to adopt animals

As our interns immerse themselves in PlainClarity's rigorous internship program, they'll learn more about themselves, each other and PlainClarity's fantastic clients, press we love working with and community. Here's to a successful summer, all around.

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