August 24, 2017

New Intern on Board

New Intern on Board

A new chapter started in my life, here at PlainClarity. I finally finished my bachelor’s degree with a major in Information & Communications and in English. After my last year of studies in the Netherlands, sleeping on mattresses on the floor and sharing houses with countless roommates, I am ready to leave my student life behind and dive in adulthood.

Settling in California is a dream come true, though it is a challenge to figure it out where to start my career. I could not think of a better place. One week within this intimate agency and I can already tell that I will learn all the insights of the PR industry.

The field of public relations becomes clearer and clearer as I clarify my doubts about the vast range of jobs in communications. Creating brand awareness through content communication is one of my fortes. And, since finding one’s natural talents is one of the most important stepping stones for progress, I will follow through the PR’s journey, persistently and confidently.

PlainClarity represents, therefore, my solid foundation, in which I trust and believe in their client’s growth. I am eager to engage in this opportunity and put my all my efforts to go further and beyond professional greatness. At last, I send all my appreciation and gratitude to both founders, Brook and Joe Larios.

About the author:

Isabelle brings the tenacity and elegance of her professional ballet career to her ambitions as a publicist. True to her global mindset, she departed far from her native Brazil to complete a bilingual degree (French and English) in Information & Communication and English with an emphasis in Creative Industries. In addition to her career, Isabelle is a yoga instructor who is passionate about writing, art, fashion, hiking, personal development, travel, and dogs.

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