August 17, 2021

Join our team! Be an intern at PlainClarity.

PlainClarity is offering two prime internship positions, remote with in-person opportunities at tv segments, photoshoots, meetings and events.

Each is a part-time internship created to help you become a PR powerhouse. These aren't “gopher” positions, where we load you with heavy grunt work and wish you well — little learned — at the end. You’ll be a key member of the team, devouring valuable, real-time lessons designed to position you for success upon graduation. We’re a communicative and expressive lot, so expect to ask questions, receive direction and use your creative abilities. You are tenacious, resourceful, confident, passionate about PR, a strong writer and ready to advance your skills.

Please email hello [at] plainclarity [dot] com with your resume, your current GPA and details about why you want an internship at our firm — and why we’ll love you. Please also include a writing sample that you're proud of.

About the Author

Brook Larios

Brook Larios

Brook's 14 years of professional communications experience spans newsroom reporting, national nonprofit and luxury public relations management and building a successful pr agency founded on uncommon connections and creativity. She's a lover of horses, fitness, reading, nature and good conversation. Zany and approachable, Brook prefers removing the surface rather than scratching it.